Transcend Cleantec is the best Auto poly preparation supplier, manufacturer, importing, distributing and exporting company in pune, Maharashtra, India. We supply high quality Auto poly preparation. These Auto poly preparation product have been designed and engineered by using a high quality of materials and we ensure that they have been manufactured keeping in mind the international quality standards set by the industry and they are exported to the customers at very reasonable cost in the market.

Specification :

  • Auto Poly Preparation Pack Unit
  • Continuous and automatic preparation of polymers (powder)
  • Compact and functional, suitable for pallet loading
  • Control of maturing time
  • Many Configurations and options
  • Make: Milton Roy India Private Limited
  • 3-Compartment tank with 1 to 3 mixers
  • A structure to “wet” the powder by water flow
  • Concentrations up to 5 g/l and higher
  • Extraction/dosing flow up to 6660 l/h

Applications :

  • Flocculation for industrial and domestic water treatment
  • Sludge treatment
  • application in chemical, iron and steel, food & paper industries