Drum Screen

Benefits of Rotary Drum Screen :

  • Designed for pump flows and eliminates basic need for civil construction of channels.
  • Customized to suit into existing infrastructure and specific desires of waste material treatment method.
  • Rotary Screen specifically built to supply Membrane Biological Reactor Protection.
  • Superior fine screening to guard sensitive downstream treatment processes.

Features of Rotary Drum Screen :

  • Perforated plate screen media sized for actual application.
  • Solid frame style – totally welded for leak free operation.
  • All 304 stainless-steel construction together with base frame.
  • Fully surrounded system with access panels.
  • Fixed external spray bar.

Rotary Drum Screen

Rotary drum screen is an internally fed rotating drum screen designed for serious pretreatment applications like exhausting, mud thickening, and sandy or industrial waste product treatment. Drum Tec is an associate internally fed rotary drum screen. Waste material flows into the drum, wherever a device divides it equally. In-flowing water passes through the perforated plate that screens solids from the flow. An over-sized flight auger carries the waste to the tip of the drum, wherever it empties into integrated washer/ compactor or directly into a container.

The in-flowing enters a head box, wherever the energy is dissipated and therefore the flow is equally distributed onto the inside sidewalls of the rotary screen drum. Solids are maintained on the screen surface whereas the liquid flows radially through the screen openings. Splash guards direct the liquid filtrate into the center position as the solid latitude, through flights, is brought to the open finish of the rotary drum screen.

Rotary Drum Screen Equipment -

Transcend Cleantec Pvt. Ltd. is leading company for providing Rotary drum Screen equipment/ instrumentality to its valuable customers across the country. This successfully removes solid content from rectangular channel installations. This versatile unit is easy in style however extremely economical in operating, requiring least power to work.

The rotating drum screen are used for screening terribly fine solid waste like waste material, feather/ meat trimmings fibers, hair, etc. this can be achieved with a filtering wedge wire or perforated screen that ensures perfectly fine filtration (up to 0.2mm). The filtering Screen may be a drum like screen that is revolved with the assistance of motor. The waste water is fed into the screen wherever solid waste gets cornered within the screen and water falls below the drum in to a tank, wherever it flows out beneath gravity. A Non-metallic individual is used to wash the mesh.

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Product Specification :

Brand As per requirement
Material As per requirement
Capacity As per requirement
Model Name/Number As per requirement
Color As per requirement
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Features of Rotary drum Screen Equipment :

  • Engineering superiority.
  • Very slim bar spacing.
  • Taper section leading to very low head loss.
  • Superior bar profile.
  • Superior style and rugged construction.

Rotary Drum Fine Screen

On the idea of the worldwide well-known and well-proven system of Transcend Cleantec Pvt. Ltd. Rotary drum fine Screens with the wedge wire screen basket we developed the ultra-fine Rota-mat Perforated Plate Screen RPPS with perforated plate. The two-dimensional screen (perforated plate) ensures the reliable removal of hairs and fibers and avoids that.

The rotary drum fine screen is used for the filtration in STPRotating/ ETP drum fine screen contains filtration media accessible from a 2 millimeter to 5 millimeter that rotates. Rotating drum is supported by appropriate shaft and is operated by geared motor. The effluent entered within the drum consist screw flight that helps solid to maneuver from one finish to alternative. Filtration takes from within to outside, and additionally give brush arrangement from cleanup filtration media additionally give the backwash flushing arrangement from outside for cleanup filtration media. Provided bottom tank with a nozzle to gather filtrate, provided hopper to guide the solid to drop on bin/ floor Fibers and hairs hinder the stable operation of membrane plants and increase maintenance needs, these materials tend to entangle on the membranes and result in reduced membrane plant potency. These product type tresses within the waste material treatment plant, this could impair oxygen offer to the aeration system with the results of issues occurring within the sludge treatment line.

Features of Rotary Drum Fine Screen :

  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Low installation price.
  • Drum Diameter ranges from 220 millimeter to 800 millimeters.
  • Screening size varies from 0.3 millimeter to 3 millimeters for fine screen, over than 3 millimeters for coarse screen.