Biocrack Sludge Treatment & Reduction

From two basic forms, almost all shapes and sizes can be developed according to the customer’s wish,namely:
– slot tubes;
– flat screens.
The filter elements can be provided with fastenings, reinforcements …
In most of these cases a drawing will be submitted to the customer for approval. After welding these accessories to the filter elements,further treatment can be provided to improve the surface quality:
– degreasing and pickling (standard);
– hardening mainly by tenifer treatment and hard chromising;
– mechanical and electrolytical










  1. “Recently we had a very large international project with a tight and strict schedule. Together with Trislot, we developed the
    supply plan to meet the project requirements. During production, we had another very good customer submit an emergency Purchase Order which also required the high quality level of Trislot filter elements. Trislot immediately reacted and together we achieved the required delivery of both projects. MAHLE Industrial Filtration sincerely appreciates our relationship and the customer service of this premium quality supplier.”<br/>
    Darren Morgan
    Vice President (Operations)
    MAHLE Industrial Filtration USA, Inc
  2. “We have been trading partners with Trislot for many years now, and we hope our partnership can last for many years more.
    The service and quality we demand would be absolutely unattainable elsewhere. Trislot always provides us with the best answer, even when faced with those ‘unplanned’ moments.”
    Allen Moss
    Russell Finex Ltd, UK
  3.  “Trislot® has offered valuable design input, high quality products, and on-time deliveries for PSL for many years. Trislot’s flexible approach to design, excellent technical knowledge and customer focus has forged a valuable partnership between Trislot® and PSL in the pharmaceutical marketplace.”
    Vice President (Operations
    Powder Systems Limited, UK

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