Auto Poly Preparation

Transcend Cleantec is the best Auto poly preparation supplier, manufacturer, importing, distributing and exporting company in pune, Maharashtra, India. We supply high quality Auto poly preparation. These Auto poly preparation product have been designed and engineered by using a high quality of materials and we ensure that they have been manufactured keeping in mind the international quality standards set by the industry and they are exported to the customers at very reasonable cost in the market.

Applications :

  • Flocculation for industrial and domestic water treatment
  • Sludge treatment
  • application in chemical, iron and steel, food & paper industries
TAPDS-250 1-3 0-20L/h P-1.0MPa
TAPDS-500 5-7 Q=30L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-500 10-14 0-50L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-500 20-28 Q-100L/h P-1.0MPa
TAPDS-500 15-20 Q-90L/h P-1.0MPa
TAPDS-500 30-40 Q=150L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-500 45-60 Q=270L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-500 50-70 Q=300L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-1000 100-140 Q=600L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-1000 150-210 Q-900L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-1500 200-280 Q=1200L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-500 100-120 Q=300L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-1000 200-240 Q=600L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-2000 300-360 Q-900L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-3000 400-480 Q=1200L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-1000 130-160 Q-900L/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-2000 260-320 Q=1.8m3/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-3000 390-480 Q=2.7m3/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-4000 520-640 Q=3.6m3/h P-1.0MPa
TAPDS-2000 260-320 Q=1.7m3/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-3000 390-480 Q=3.4m3/h P=1.0MPa
TAPDS-5000 390-480 Q-5m3/h P=1.0MPa
APDS-7000 520-640 Q=7m3/h P=1.0MPa

Features :

  • Completely automatic operation
  • Completely in SS304 construction along with panel
  • Three compartments, one for dilution, one for ageing and one for storage
  • Perfect polyelectrolyte dilution
  • Presence of alarm signals for operation in absolutely safe condition
  • Heat element avoids chocking of the mixing chamber
  • VFD based adjustments to get homogenius and continuous solution with optimum chemical consumption
  • Models from smallest size of 250 litres to 7000 litres
  • Can adopt to screw dosing pump, diaphragm dosing pump, piston dosing pumps
  • Manless operations so error-less operation