Screw Press

Transcend cleantec provide best services of screw press and screw press dehydrator in Pune, India at best cost. We offer a screw press of type FKC that are use to thicken recycled fiber, Kraft pulp, NSSC pulp, TMP and other mechanical pulps. FKC pulp thickening presses provide premium performance, simple operation and extremely low maintenance.

The Screw Press is built for dewatering of pulp suspensions from inlet consistencies of 3-12% to outlet consistencies up to 30% and even higher. Excellent washing efficiencies in the sense of removing COD and ionic trash can be achieved, thus the machine is found in pulp and recycled fiber applications.

The stable outlet consistencies enable the machine to be a best thickener in front of a dispersion system or any other application, which require high and stable consistencies.

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What is Screw Press

A screw press is a type of machine press in which the ram is drive up and down by a screw. The screw beam can be driven by a handle or a wheel. It works by using a coarse screw to convert the turning round of the handle or drive-wheel into a small downward movement of greater force. The overhead handle usually incorporate balls as flyweights. The weights help to maintain the momentum and thrust of the tool to make it easier to operate. A screw press is used in hand book binding to help keep the covers of the book flat and parallel to the text block although the glue is drying.

If use as a punch, the tool itself consists of a punch and a matching die, into which it very close fits. Both are regularly precision machined and then hardened. The material is introduced between the punch and die, and the machine operates. The punch will cut through the material in one group by shearing it. The punch and die may be of any preferred shape, so odd shaped holes and cutouts may be created. If used as a forging tool the dies can be a lot of different shapes varying from flat to a variety of shapes that will mold the metal to the desired configuration.