Wedge wire screen is a type of purifying screen, which is composed of profile wires and support rods. The profile wires are usually triangle wire and the support wire of wedge wire screen can be triangle wire, round bar, flat wire or wedge wire. Wedge wire screen has various types and specs. The type of wedge wire screen is mainly according to the shape of the screen. There are many types of wedge wire screens.

    Main types are as follows-

    • Wedge wire screen panel
    • Wedge wire screen tube
    • Wedge wire screen cylinder
    • Wedge wire screen support grid
    • Wedge wire sieve bends
    • Wedge wire nozzles
    • Wedge wire screen basket
    • Wedge wire lateral assemblies

    Wedge wire screen with cylinder, panels and nozzle shapes is commonly used in the mine, coal, chemical and water treatment for filtering and screening.

    Common Advantages of Wedge wire screens are-

    • Various shapes
    • Various applications
    • Accurate specs
    • Strict inspection
    • Perfect package
    • Short delivery time

    Wedge wire screen is prepared with profile wire, woven or welded and support rods. Accordingly, it can distribute into two major types: woven wedge wire and welded wedge wire.

    From two basic forms, almost all shapes and sizes can be developed according to the customer’s wish,namely:

    • slot tubes;
    • flat screens.

    The filter elements can be provided with fastenings, reinforcements … In most of these cases a drawing will be submitted to the customer for approval. After welding these accessories to the filter elements,further treatment can be provided to improve the surface quality:

    • degreasing and pickling (standard);
    • hardening mainly by tenifer treatment and hard chromising;
    • mechanical and electrolytical
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What Are Slot Tubes?

Trislot slot tubes are composed of a surface profile that is spirally wrapped around axial support profiles and attached to each other by resistance welding. These filter elements have the unique advantages of very accurate, narrow, slot openings and perfect roundness all in one. Slot tubes can be provided with the necessary end pieces for attachments and/or reinforcements.

Slot Tube
Slot Tube

Filter cycle During the filter cycles the solids are deposited on smooth surface. This ‘cake’ acts as an extra filter for finer particles. The fines that sleep through do not get stuck in the conical slots.


Back wash cycle By reversing the flow, the cake and dirt are removed from the filter surface.


Standard Constructions

Profile Support Wires Min
(in mm)
Min. Slot Width
(in mm)
4S Q22 or Q25 20 0.0015[4
5S Q22 or Q25 20 0.0015[4
6SC Q22) 20 0.0015[4
10S Q25 20 0.0015[4
11S Q22 or Q25 21 0.0015[4
12S Q25 21 0.0015[4
Q35 30 0.05
18S 22S or Q35 30 0.05
18S 22S or Q35 30 0.05
Q25 25 0.03
D45 300 0.2
10X3 300 0.2
10X3 300 0.2
22S 22S or Q35 45 0.05
D45 or 10X3 or 25X3 300 0.2
28S Q35 215 0.2
D45 or 10X3 or 25X3 300 0.2
34S Q35 300 0.2
D45 300 0.2
10X3 or 25X3 300 0.2
42S Q35 or D45 300 0.2
10X3 or 25X3 300 0.2
(in mm)
Number of Support Profiles
30 8
45 10
57 12
70 18
85 18
97 20
110 24
137 30
164 36
215 48
268 48
305 40
380 48
460 60
510 64
628 80
924 80
924 180
Standard Constructions
Standard Constructions Standard Constructions Standard Constructions
Standard Constructions
Profile Support wires Min slot
(in mm)
Standard pitch
(in mm)
11S Q25 0.03 17/22
12S Q25/Q35 0.03 17/22
10X3 0.1 17/25
18S Q35 0.05 17/25
Q35/10X3/25X3 0.1 25/70
22S Q35 0.05 17/25
Q35/10X3/ till 50X3 0.12 25/70
28S Q35/10X3/ till 50X3 0.15 17/25/70
34S Q35/10X3/ till 50X3 0.15 17/25/70
42S Q35/10X3/ till 50X3 0.15 17/25/70
50S 10×3 till 50X3 0.15 70
Max. surface profile length Max. suport profile length
Pitch 17mm/Profile Q25 810mm 2000mm
Pitch 17-22mm/Profile Q35 2700mm 3000mm
Pitch 22mm 710mm 1650mm
Pitch 70 mm 3000mm 3500mm

Trislot welded screens can be used as flat filters or processed to make cylinders.

Flat Screens

  • Static sieves for dewatering or classification: the screen is set up at a curtain angel or is curved so that the surface profile are perpendicular to the filtration direction.
Through gravitation the slurry flows over the screen.
  • Vibrating screens, dryers and coolers: screens used as support for the product that has to be treated.
  • Band filters: screen as support for paper or textile, for example for the separation of cutting oil
  • Support screens: in the application, the screens are assembled inside vesseles to support catalyst, active carbon, resin, molecular sieve…
  • Beer bottoms
Support Screen
Support Screen
Beer Bottom
Beer Bottom
Cylinders and baskets
  • Drum screens with or without internal transport screw.
  • Centrifuge baskets and cylinders for the food and paper and pulp industry.
  • Starch screens
  • Screw presses
Curved Screens

Curve direction and filtration Direction are to be determined by the customer.

Heavy Continuous cylinder for screw presses
Heavy Continuous cylinder for screw presses

1. “Recently we had a very large international project with a tight and strict schedule. Together with Trislot, we developed the supply plan to meet the project requirements. During production, we had another very good customer submit an emergency Purchase Order which also required the high quality level of Trislot filter elements. Trislot immediately reacted and together we achieved the required delivery of both projects. MAHLE Industrial Filtration sincerely appreciates our relationship and the customer service of this premium quality supplier.”

  • Darren Morgan
  • Vice President (Operations)
  • MAHLE Industrial Filtration USA, Inc

2.“We have been trading partners with Trislot for many years now, and we hope our partnership can last for many years more. The service and quality we demand would be absolutely unattainable elsewhere. Trislot always provides us with the best answer, even when faced with those ‘unplanned’ moments.”

  • Allen Moss
  • Russell Finex Ltd, UK

3.“Trislot® has offered valuable design input, high quality products, and on-time deliveries for PSL for many years. Trislot’s flexible approach to design, excellent technical knowledge and customer focus has forged a valuable partnership between Trislot® and PSL in the pharmaceutical marketplace.”

  • PSL
  • Vice President (Operations)
  • Powder Systems Limited, UK
~ 5,500 m²/m³
~ 5,500 m²/m³
THE carrier media of the future for most compact and efficient biological water treatment system
  • best possible removal performance
  • remarkably stable processes
  • small footprints
  • ideal for easy retrofit & upgrade
  • high grade quality
  • long life material, no wear
  • best price-performance ratio
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