Not all polyurethanes are the same! NORRES uses a special polyurethanes mixture that is differentiated with the name Pre-PUR for several of its conduits. Our Pre-PUR raw materials are distinguished from many of the membrane materials commercially available.

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Membrane Tube Diffusers quality products from the NORRES stable – are mainly used for intermittent, fine-bubble, compressed air aeration (nitrification/deni-trification.) Our membrane material exhibits very good resistance to municipal and industrial wastewater.

  • Fine-bubble, compressed air aeration
  • Oxygenation and circulation in submerged fixed-bed and membrane bioreactors
  • Mixing of aeration tanks (municipal and industrial)
  • Grit trap aeration
  • Aeration of collecting and intermediate storage tanks
  • Restoration (aeration) of rivers and lakes
  • Aquaculture (fish farming)

Added value generated

  • 25% reduction in energy costs compared to conversational diffusers
  • ROI in approx. 6 months in contrast to conventional diffusers
  • High oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE) up to 5.5 kg/kWh with underdamped population density
  • Excellent value for money
  • Extremely durable-long service life
  • Quickly and easily fitted
  • Permanently elastic membrane
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical properties compared to silicone and EPDM
  • Optimised slit perforation

High potential saving compared to other, similar aeration systems

NORRES Membrane Tube Diffusers tear propagation strength and resistance to permanent kinking

The low resistance to permanent kinking and insufficient tear propagation strength of many conventional diffusers can lead to premature cracking under dynamic loads. The performance of the aeration system is significantly as a result. Pre-PUR membrane tube diffusers are characterised by a very high tear propagation strength and far superior resistance to permanent kinking. The operational reliability and hence the performance of the aeration system are greatly enhanced.

NORRES Membrane Tube Diffusers
NORRES Membrane Tube

Oxygen supply capacity/yield refer to full floor aeration with an arrangement density of 13% and a below-in depth of 3.84m. Measured in clean water according to DWA-M 209. The efficiency and reliability of NORRES membrane tube diffusers can be increased by optimising and adapting the operating parameters. The permanent elasticity of the membrane has a crucial influence on the uniformity of the opening characteristic of the slit perforation over the full operating range. This in turn ensures a largely constant performance of the fine-bubble, compressed air aeration system.

NORRES Membrane Tube Diffusers
NORRES Membrane Tube Diffusers
NORRES Membrane Tube Diffusers
NORRES Membrane Tube Diffusers
NORRES Membrane Tube Diffusers
NORRES Membrane Tube Diffusers
NORRES Membrane Tube Diffusers
NORRES Membrane Tube Diffusers
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