Spiral Screw Screen

The Spiral Screw Screen is useful to pre-treat any kind of sewage water. As the water runs through the screen the shaft less spiral conveys the solids up towards the compaction module where the material is further de-watered. It is used for the treatment of fine grate wastes and sludge transfer in treatment plants but also for industrial plants. The main advantage of these screens is the low cost of initial investment. The spiral screw screen is mounted in an open channel with an incline of 35 to 45 , it can be in made from two types of material perforated & Wedge wire type.

The slotted or perforated mesh is at the bottom of the screen and the whole piped portion continues upward encompassing the screw. The internal surface of the screen is continuously cleaned by special brushes fixed on the outside diameter of the spiral. As the water runs through the screen the spiral screw conveys the solids up towards the outlet. It is recommended for fine mechanical wastewater treatment with a high fibrous content such as municipal waste water , pulp and paper plants, food processing plants and textile industries.


  • Screen can be automated according to different parameters
  • Alarm systems of the normal operation indication, the emergency stop, the wastewater top level in the channel and other indicator are provided. It is possible to transfer equipments status data to a higher level automated process control system depending on the client’s requirement.
  • The screw rotation can be reserved in order to eliminate jamming and congestion.
  • Screens fine material in wastewater that is hard to detect. Solids like feather, fur, wood, fine plastic, sanitary pads etc. can be easily removed.


  • Very few moving parts ensure easy operation and maintenance
  • Very simple and unmanned operation ensure continues operation
  • Wide variety of flows can be dewatered economically
  • Screens are manufactured from stainless steel ASSI 304 or 316 as per customer requirement
  • We have 2 versions with or without compactor. This is a multifunction machine. Not just screening of solids, it also transports debris, washes, compact and discharge the same
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