Paddle Dryer

Paddle dryer is a machine which works by heat transmission from the revolving hollow paddles directly to the processing material (sludge) converting it into dry granular/powder form. Heat generated using steam/oil/gas as a heating medium is passed to the input sludge via the hollow shaft and paddles and also the conducting jacketed drum.

Moisture evaporated from the sludge is taken out from the drum by using air as a carrier gas thus preventing its condensation.

specification :

Paddle Dryer specification


  • Conduction mode of heat transfer results in very high thermal efficiency
  • Compact equipment - large heat transfer area packed in a small volume
  • Low air requirement reduces loss of heat.
  • Uniform and controlled drying
  • Reduction in size and cost of downstream equipment like cyclones, bag filters, scrubbers, fans, heaters and ducts
  • Suitable for all types of granules and free flowing materials
  • Can also handle sticky materials.
  • Low product attrition
  • Suitable for steam, water or oil as heating medium
  • Integral dryer-cum-cooler combination
  • Reduced civil and erection expenses
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Self-cleaning Paddles Minimal Dusting
  • Rugged Construction
  • Low-speed operation
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • Minimal maintenance & Easy accessibility
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