Sludge Dehydrator

The Innovative Sludge Dehydrator is an exclusive product and it offers many benefits. Sludge Dehydrator is presently used in over 3000 connections in China and all over the world. Sludge Dehydrator uses high performance sludge dewatering system. It uses a central screw and a slowly oscillating multi-disk filter. Due to this pressure increases slowly on flocculated sludge. There is no physical contact between the screw and the multi-disk filter or between each disk in the filter which stops redundant wear and tear.


The key to the process is the “dewatering drum.” This drum can reach both thickening and pressing (dewatering) of the sludge within a single, dense operation. Thus the Best Creative Sludge Dehydrator can take sludge as thinned as 0.1% solids directly from a treatment process, such as an oxidation ditch or clarified, and produce a cake of over 20% solids. Separate thickening, storage, and conditioning processes are removed. Also the need for operators, continuous use of wash water, and high power consumption are eliminated.

Sludge Dehydrator can be provided with all apparatus required for dewatering included and factory mounted, piped and wired on a single stainless steel skid. It includes the sludge pump, wash water pump, polymer dosing system and control panel. The system features fully preset one pushbutton startup and shutdown. Once started up the system can run automatically and can be shutdown automatically with no operator intercession

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